Legacy structures have taken your company to where it is today and have been responsible for ensuring your success over the years. They’ve proven successful in the past and afforded the employees security.

Ever-changing market conditions and competition repeatedly put the established to the test and demand that companies and public institutions alike exhibit a high degree of agility and adaptability.
Effective, efficiently designed structures and processes reflect the requirements of our age, of customers and of markets, and provide the ideal foundation for implementing the strategic concept – and do so with the most cost-optimal allocation of resources possible.

Moreover, the organisational structure should accommodate the employees’ need for a motivating and performance-stimulating work environment, and change processes should be organised proactively and “humanely”.

Efficons is your partner of choice when it comes to addressing all of these demands in the course of developing and designing your organisational structure. The consultancy services we provide cover a wide range of fields and we support you in implementing change. When it comes to organisational projects in particular, you achieve significantly better and more sustainable results by engaging an external consultant than solely through internally managed projects.

Plus you benefit from our years of experience in the field of organisational design and development and from numerous similar projects in a variety of different sectors and industries.

  • Organisational Design of Structures & Processes
  • Turnaround Management
  • Change Management
  • Collaboration Management